Monitoring Elections

Below are links to “Monitoring Electronic Voting Systems in California”, originally written by Michelle Gabriel, and updated by Richard Tamm and other election integrity advocates in California.

“SCOPE: This document describes what to look for when monitoring electronic voting machines and processes involved in the counting of the voting. … The focus of this document is on California based elections. Each state and each county is subject to its own regulations, procedures and interpretations of the law; use this document as a framework if you are from outside California.”

You can download the document in the original [doc file], or view the [pdf file] online and save it from there.

Next is a link to “Elections Observation Rights and Responsibilities – May 2012”, written by the California Secretary of State’s office in [pdf format].

You can find Black Box Voting’s “2008 Toolkit : Pocket Guide to Election Protection” [here]

You can find the California Elections Code [here].

To search through the Elections Code, start [here].

You can find a collection of (older) links about election monitoring [here]

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