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Counted As Cast is about election systems, so it is about democracy. Fair and accurate elections are mission-critical to our government. Risky election systems put our government at risk. Here we look at some of the issues, and suggest some ideas on how to make our elections more efficient and secure.

This says it all …

Election News and Announcements

Voting News

Great source of news about the conduct of elections around the world:

A weekly summary is here:

Opinion blogs here:

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Election Assistance Commission Alerts

You can sign up for EAC alerts here: https://www.eac.gov/email-list/

Announcements from the California SoS

The main announcement page is [HERE]

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A Short List of Very Good Background Articles About EI.

“Voting Machines: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”, By Jennifer Cohn, New York Review of Books (Daily), (11/5/18)

“Ten ways to make voting machines cheat with plausible deniability” by Dr Andrew Appel, Computer security expert, (10/25/18)

“The Crisis of Election Security”, By Kim Zetter, New York Times (9/26/2018)

“How to Rig an Election”, By Victoria Collier, Harper’s Magazine, (11/2012)

“Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”, By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rolling Stone Magazine, 2006

An archive of EI articles going as far back as 1968, By Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

Vote On Behalf Of …

If you are finding it difficult to vote, vote on behalf of the 1M who can no longer vote. Or vote on behalf of our murdered brothers and sisters. Or vote on behalf of the billions who matter, but don’t have your American privilege. Or vote on behalf of Mother Earth; she’s dying.

Vote in their place. Think of it as their vote, a proxy vote, not your vote. Ask, how would they vote? Then honor them. Please vote, because you can.

October, 2020 – May, 2022

Voting Rights Task Force

The VRTF has been active in the SF Bay Area working to ensure that our elections are verified. We are having an impact on the local, state, federal, and even international level.

You can find more information about the VRTF at [VRTF] and at [NVRTF.org].

We have two Facebook pages for keeping citizens informed about important activities in [Sacramento] and [Washington DC].

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