Turner Lists His Enemies

By Brent Turner, December 20, 2016

Source: http://www.facebook.com/brent.turner.71619/posts/10153895684957396

Ready for me to ramp up the intensity a little more ?

Founded in 2003 by Stanford University computer science professor David Dill, the Verified Voting Foundation runs a database of voting system information, shares best practices with election administrators, supports accessible voting, and helps the public learn about voting equipment and procedures. Dill’s associated groups control the majority of the voting subject matter agenda in the United States – see http://cavo-us.org/matrix.pdf Verified Voting and associated groups have taken in tens of millions of fundraising dollars .but do not tender solutions.They have, by self description, ” advised ” Ohio and other states toward ” best practices ”

The NAACP-/ACLU / Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights / League of Women Voters / Common Cause / Brennan Center for Justice and many others follow the Verified Voting leadership. All Dill’s associated groups have been absent from the conversation toward open source election system solutions. See http://cavo-us.org/matrix.pdf

Greg Palast and other fundraising ” journalists ” commonly write about uncounted ballots / front end disenfranchisement efforts / and a smattering of other side track issues.. but do not write about open source solution systems.. nor Microsoft’s corruption of the academics / activists / and the Government .. hmmmm

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